Air Canada Cancellation and Refund Policy

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Looking for an Air Canada flight cancellation? If yes, Air Canada provides an easy method to cancel a flight without going through any complex process. The document contains the entire mandatory information that is required to review prior cancellation. The main objective is to clear a lot of questions regarding flight cancellation charges and types. Please read this document to know each instruction of refund that you are entitled to during any ticket cancellation. We will always update this document when any modification occurs.

Cancellation Policy

The Cancellation Policies mentioned below cover entire reservations except the tour booked have precise fees cataloged under “special notes.” You are recommended to read and review carefully the provided notes prior to booking. You can consider the following mentioned points as a travel insurance policy

● Your ticket purchase will be confirmed through your registered email address within 48 hours.
● If you are opting for any refund, we will provide a complete refund without any extra charges.
● If you cancel your ticket up to 24 hours, we will provide you a complete refund without a penalty charge.
● The cancellation fee policy will accomplish on the submission of the reservation.
● Please verify your ticket booking confirmation to avail yourself of free cancellation. Thus, read about both refundable and non-refundable fares prior to booking the ticket.
● If you didn’t receive an itinerary receipt, then we recommend you to contact Air Canada within 24hrs prior to purchase.
● If you want to make changes to your ticket after 24 hours then you have to pay some cancellation fees. These charges can vary as per booking class and distance.
● A ticket refund will be processed directly from Air Canada.
● If you have booked through any third party airline or travel agency then you have to cancel from the respective website.
● Booking can be cancelled both online and offline

Cancellation policy for Refundable tickets:

The cost of a refundable ticket is higher as a comparison to non-refundable ones but if you cancel the Air Canada tickets within 24 hrs then you can protect yourself with penalty charges. Moreover, you can make changes. If your current ticket is less expensive than the previous one, the extra amount will be given a refund. You simply need to pay the additional charges for the difference. The refund will be made within 6-20 days on the same mode of payment used during booking.

Cancellation policy for Non-refundable tickets

Customer satisfaction is on priority for Air Canada. It offers many benefits to their passengers for their great experience. If a customer has a non-refundable ticket and wants to cancel his/her ticket due to any particular reason, he can easily do this by paying a small amount of fee. The fee can be dependent upon the specific route and destinations.

If you want to change/cancel your non-refundable flight ticket within 24 hrs of purchase then you will get avail. There will be no cancellation fee.

Refund policy

A refund will be applicable within One Year of the Date of Travel.

We will process the refund according to airline fare rules and cancellation policy. These refunds shall be subject to airlines MMT. Nevertheless, the convenience charges paid to MMT during booking is totally non-refundable. Refunds are not guaranteed. Entire refund verification will be according to the Tariff and policies of Air Canada. This information will be available on your itinerary receipt.

The processing time of the refund will be based upon the payment mode. For example, if the customer used a debit card will credit charge on the same debit card. The deduction fee is independent upon the convenience fee. The discount through coupons would be deducted during a refund.

If the customer has booked the ticket through any travel agent then they have to contact the respective agent to claim the refund. As the cancellation charges will be made to that travel agency amount.


Please read the above-mentioned refund and cancellation policy before any purchase on the website. This will be beneficial to attain entire knowledge regarding cancellation policy.

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