Best Things To Do in New York City

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Things To Do in New York City

New York is too big to visit in a couple of days, You need too many days with New York trip is a tuff task as you have to manage your journey with visiting places. Here we give you almost all the information related to what things you can do in New York on the first visit. Whether you are going on a trip or for a vacation you would surely want to visit below places.

Below is a list of some things/places you can visit and you will surely not miss these places.

1) Brooklyn Bridge – This bridge was built in 1883. It was of 1595 feet across the river and connecting lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights. Now it’s a historic primary of New York city. It is under one of the twin Granite Manhattan Towers, all arches and rectangles.

2) Brooklyn Museum – It is a third-largest museum in New York. It is since 1897, housed in a Beaux-arts building. It is situated on the edge of Prospect Park which attracts you to walk automatically. It has a collection of almost 1.5 million collections to represent every form of art here. Some standout includes the paintings of Norman Rockwall and Dennis Hopper.

3) Coney Island – It has a reputation as a circus tourist trap but you may be surprised by its old-timey charms. You will love the food and drinks there like Totonno’s pizza, Gargiulo’s and Coney Island brewery. Most of the tourists hang out on the beach and eat ice creams and stand in line for the Cyclone roller roster.

4) 9/11 Memorial and museum – You should visit the 9/11 memorial and museum at least once. After entering this museum you feel that you are dropped from street to bedrock level. It is itself is a masterful balance.

5) Central Park – Once you left off the crowded streets of 59 street and get into Central park then you will hardly realize what is Central Park and what lies before you. It is a man-made garden, forest and rolling hillsides of around 693 acres. You would walk around 58 miles if you walk around every corner of the central corner’s pathways.

6) Prospect Park – It is also known as the central part of Brooklyn. It has also a playground, zoo, basketball and tennis courts and around 3.35-mile loops which are loved by the bikers and runners.

7) Eataly NYC – Aftering entering it you will see big dining areas, double heights ceilings where you will get almost all the foods like meat, fish, pasta, pizza, and vegetables. You will want to move in this Gourmet Italian market and food hall in minutes.

8) The Cloisters – It is located in Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park in 4 acres. This is the American only museum dedicated to the art and architecture of the middle ages.

9) Enjoy an outdoor film in Bryant Park – seeing a picture on a big screen in the open area is a memorable time. You should not miss to enjoy this thing in Bryant Park.

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