How to Change Cathay Pacific Flight?

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how to change Cathay Pacific flight

Are you searching for the easiest method for Cathay Pacific Flight Change? If yes, then you are on the right platform. There can be a sudden plan change due to n-number of reasons. There can be many specific reasons that might occur which lead to modify date. Cathay pacific flight understands such uncertainty of plans. Thus, it provides a simple way to change flights within 24 hrs of the flight booking. The main objective of this blog is to provide simple guidance on “How a person can change Cathay Pacific flight.”

Cathay Pacific contains a specific set of rules to make changes in flight dates. The procedure of changing a flight of a normal passenger is different from standby passenger. Cathay Pacific flights can be changed by two methods i.e. via phone or website. Passengers can change their flight as per their convenience by paying some fees.

Below-mentioned is some easy steps:

Through website:

● Sign in to the “Manage my booking’’ tab of the official website of Cathay Pacific.
● Complete requirements including your name or e-ticket number (Booking reference number)
● If you are a Marco Polo Club member then Sign in with the name associated with the membership along with credentials.
● Read the entire instructions in the prompts carefully while changing travel dates. The instruction include information regarding fees and flight change policy. The flight fees depend on the current rack rate and the terms and conditions.
● On completion of date/time changes, the passenger will receive the confirmation email.

Through phone:

● Contact airline representatives of Cathay Pacific to acquire the details regarding flight change options.
● Enquire the timing and schedule of bookings.
● Provide them with flight details along with booking reference number.
● Clarify all your doubts.
● If they ask about change fee payment, pay it through your phone as suggested payment method.

The thing to know before flight change

1. You can change flights only if you have done booking through the website else you are required to contact travel agents to perform modifications for you.
2. Rebooking is not permitted to change the flight reservation.
3. Fees of change flight will depend upon the specific flight fare rules of Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific change flight fee:

The change fees are based upon the flight timing and ticket class. There can be different charges for promotional fares, standard economy, rerouting, and promotional fares.

Type of changes

● You can change Flight Dates and Names.
● You can change your flight after check-in.
● You can change flight timing

You can change your flight timing if your flight is delayed for some hours.
You can easily apply for a refund on the flight delay.


To perform a flight change, open our website by following the mentioned link and make changes by referring to the above-given steps. You can easily deal with a terrific procedure of flight change by paying some fees. For more assistance, feel free to contact us at +1-855-836-9252, we are available here 24*7 to provide travel-related solutions.

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